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  • Suitable for use in extreme environments

  • Choice of models

  • Manufactured from high grade stainless steel

  • Low maintenance

USAFE Foam Chambers are air aspirating devices used for the protection of fixed roof flammable liquid storage tanks. Foam chambers are widely used in low expansion foam system defined by NFPA 11.

They provide the means to aerate the foam solution and allow foam to gently fall onto the liquid surface in the tank. At the same time, they incorporate arrangement to prevent the product vapours inside the tank from leaking out into the atmosphere.

Size / Model ILF50/ ILF65/ ILF80/ ILF100/ ILF150
Inlet/ Outlet (flanged) 50-80, 65-100, 80-150, 100-200, 150-250 NB (ANSI B 16.5 150 #)
Body M.S. ERW Pipe IS:1239 Hot Dip Galvanized
Inlet/ Outlet Flanges M.S. ANSI 16.5 150lbs RF/ FF
Vapor seal Glass
Air Strainer mesh SS 304
Air Strainer Cap Aluminium alloy
Operational test Vapor seal rupture between 1 to 1.5 kg/cm2 inlet pressure
Working pressure range 3.5 to 14 kg/cm2
Vapour Seal Rapture at 1 to 1.5 kg/cm2
Strainer Natural
FINISH Painted Red colour (M.S.)/ Polished (SS 304)