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DPMC,Ankleshwar organised Seminar and Exhibition On -Safety Works When Everyone Acts

The DPMC Seminar and Exhibition on “Safety Works When Everyone Acts” 2023 was a major event that brought together stakeholders from across the industrial safety sector to discuss the latest trends and challenges in safety management. The event featured a number of key highlights, including:

A focus on safety culture: The seminar emphasized the importance of creating a strong safety culture in organizations. This includes everyone in the organization understanding their roles and responsibilities in safety, and working together to create a safe workplace

UNITED FIRE AND SAFETY PRESENTED AND PARTICIPATED in a panel discussion on the role of technology in improving fire safety featured experts from a variety of organizations, including Google, Amazon, and ABB. The panel discussed how new technologies can be used to automate safety tasks, improve communication between workers and supervisors, and provide real-time data on safety performance.