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Metal Fire DCP Powder

Imagine a world where fire can’t harm you. That’s where Metal Fire DCP Powder comes into play. It’s like a superhero fighting fires, especially those tricky ones caused by metals that don’t like water. United Fire and Safety, where safety is our middle name, is the place to get your hands on this remarkable powder.

What’s Metal Fire DCP Powder?

USAFE TEC based dry chemical powder is a special powder that can be used to extinguish metal fires or it can be used on Class-D Metal Fires. Class D fires are fires involving combustible metals, such as magnesium, aluminium, and titanium It is made from three salts that melt at a low temperature. When the powder is applied to a burning metal fire, it melts and forms a hard crust on the surface of the metal. This crust prevents oxygen and heat from reaching the metal, extinguishing the fire.

USAFE Metal Fire DCP Powder is fast-acting, effective, and safe. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Why Do I Need Metal Fire DCP Powder?

Sometimes, things in our world catch on fire, and not all fires are the same. Metals can be real troublemakers when they ignite. That’s when you need Metal Fire DCP Powder, the real problem solver. It stops metal fires in their tracks by creating a barrier between the metal and the air, so the fire can’t breathe.

How to Apply USAFE TEC based Metal Fire Powder on Fire ?

USAFE TEC powder should be applied gently to avoid splashing the burning metal and spreading the fire.

It can be applied using a fire extinguisher with a diffuser, an automatic powder dispensing system, or manually using a scoop, shovel, or plastic bag.

When applying the powder manually, care should be taken to cover the surface completely without pinholes. The powder should then be left undisturbed for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

What makes Metal Fire DCP Powder effective in suppressing metal fires?

Metal Fire DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) Powder is highly effective in suppressing metal fires because of its unique properties. When it’s applied to a metal fire, the powder forms a thick, smothering layer that cuts off the fire’s oxygen supply. This effectively snuffs out the flames and cools the metal, preventing reignition.

Unlike water, which can often exacerbate metal fires due to reactions with the metal, Metal Fire DCP Powder is a safer and more efficient choice for handling such fires. It interrupts the chemical reaction at the heart of the fire, making it a trusted option for metal fire suppression.

Can Metal Fire DCP Powder be used in various settings and on different types of metal fires?

Yes, Metal Fire DCP Powder is versatile and suitable for a wide range of settings. It can be used in various industrial environments, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities where metal fires might occur. Different types of metal fires, including those fueled by magnesium, sodium, and potassium, can be effectively suppressed with Metal Fire DCP Powder.

However, it's important to ensure that the specific type of DCP Powder used matches the type of metal fire you are dealing with. United Fire and Safety offers different formulations to meet the unique needs of different industries and applications.

Caution : It is important to note that metal fire powder should not be used on fires involving other types of materials, such as wood, paper, or cloth. This is because the powder can react with these materials and create a new hazard.

TEC powder should be applied gently, through diffuser of fire extinguisher or through an automatic powder dispensing systems. High pressure may splash the burning metal & fire may start at other place. Dry powder can also be manually applied on burning metal by a scoop, shovel or a plastic bag. Care should be taken to cover the surface completely without pinholes and then be left undisturbed for at least 30 to 45 minutes.
AppearanceAppearance Off white Powder
ColourOff White
Apparent Density gm/ml1.00 – 1.04 gm./cc
Moisture Content, Max0.5%
Water Repellency, Min3%
Fluidity, gm/sec, Min50gm/sec
Standard packing are in 5 kgs./10 kgs./25 kgs./50 kgs. (net wt) hermetically sealed polyethylene bags. For safe transportation these bags may be packed in mild Steel Drums / High Density Polythene Drums of suitable sizes if required by Customer