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AR-AFFF -C6-Alcohol Resistance Self Healing Foam

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF (Alcohol resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam) FIRE FIGHTING FOAM is a type of fire extinguishing agent that is commonly used to combat fires liquid class B fires involving polar or water miscible liquids flammable liquids such as acetone, acetonitrile, dimethylformamide (DMF),Isopropanol and methanol. When fuels, such as alcohols and acetone, are water soluble, AR-AFFF foams are necessary. Standard class B hydrocarbon fire foams can produce a foam blanket that can be destroyed by polar solvents and alcohol. In the oil, gas, and chemical industries, high-risk facilities including refineries, ships, tank farms, pharmaceutical factories, and process areas are using AR-AFFF foams.


USAFE GREEN AR- AFFF foams are made of using short chain (C6) surfactants that utilize the very latest in fire-fighting foam technologies, developed and utilized specially to lower the environmental impact than C8 surfactants without reducing performance. It is non-toxic and biodegradable and each individual component is fully tested and documented.


A proportioning device is used to mix AR-AFFF FOAM concentrate with water to create a foam solution that can be used to suppress fires. It can be used with several types of AR-AFFF proportioning devices like in-line inductors, different types of foam branches, and foam monitors, including in-line balanced proportioners, ratio flow controllers, and trade proportioners. They work by using a venturi device to mix the foam concentrate with water in a balanced pressure system. The proportioner is installed in the water supply line and is designed to operate at a specific flow rate. As water flows through the proportioner, it creates a vacuum that draws the foam concentrate into the water stream, creating a foam solution.

Overall, the choice of foam proportioning device will depend on the specific needs of the application and the flow rate of the water supply. It is important to select a proportioning device that is compatible with the AFFF concentrate being used and to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation and operation.

1. USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF is compatible with soft, hard, brackish, or salt water. It can be used in combination with Dry powder extinguishing agents either separately or as twin agent systems. It is recommended not to use USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF with other manufacturers’ foam concentrate except for use in emergency situations.

2. It is important to note that AR-AFFF can be be used on both types of fuels so it is also called multi purposes foam which is used in fires involving polar solvents, such as alcohol or ketones, as well as hydro carbon fires.

PRODUCT3 X 3 %3 X 6 %
PH @ 20 ºC6.5 TO 8.56.5 TO 8.5
SP. GRAVITY @ 20oC1.00 TO 1.041.00 TO 1.04
VISCOSITY @ 20oC1750±500 CST1750±500 CST
It should be stored in its shipping container without a change in its original physical or chemical characteristics. Its Shelf life is expected to be 10 years or more when stored at recommended temperatures and in original containers.
UL-162 LISTED (AR- AFFF- 3 X 3%) | IS-4989 | IRS(IMO)

20 | 30 LITER (HDPE JERRY CAN) 200 Litre HDPE Drums 1000 Litre IBC containers.