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Intersec Dubai 2023 Showcases Latest Fire Safety Products

The world’s leading trade fair for safety, security, and fire protection, Intersec Dubai 2023, recently wrapped up a successful three-day run at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event featured a wide range of fire safety products from leading manufacturers around the globe, UNITED FIRE AND SAFETY SERVICES showcased newly launched USAFE GREEN FLOURINE FREE FOAM(3F)- the response was a great for as it is a safer and greener alternative to traditional AFFF foams.

In addition to these fire safety products, Intersec Dubai 2023 also featured a number of innovative new products, such as:

Smart fire detection systems: These systems use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect fires more accurately and quickly than traditional systems.
Robotic fire suppression systems: These systems use robots to extinguish fires in difficult-to-reach areas.
Self-extinguishing materials: These materials are designed to extinguish themselves when they come into contact with heat or flame.
The wide range of fire safety products on display at Intersec Dubai 2023 demonstrates the constant innovation and development happening in the fire safety industry. These products can help businesses and individuals stay safe from fire and protect their property and loved ones.