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AR-SFFF (Alcohol Resistance Flourine Free Foam)

At United Fire and Safety, we really care about keeping things safe and sound. That’s why we’re excited to introduce USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF, our super-duper firefighting foam that’s all about being eco-friendly and super effective.

Why You’ll Love USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF:
  1. Good for Nature: We’re all about taking care of our planet. Unlike regular foam that’s not so nice for the environment, our USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF is completely free from fake stuff that can harm the Earth. It’s like giving the environment a big hug while putting out fires.
  2. Alcohol Fire Fighting Champ: Some fires like those with alcohol can be tricky, but not for our foam! USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF is specially made to handle alcohol-based fires like a pro. So, if you’re dealing with alcohol in places like factories or chemical plants, this foam’s got your back.
  3. Quick and Effective: Our foam works super fast to put out fires. It covers the fire quickly, so flames don’t have a chance to come back. This not only saves lives but also keeps property safe.
  4. All-in-One: Whether it’s a regular fire (Class A), a fuel fire (Class B), or even a cooking oil fire (Class F), our foam can handle it all. It’s like having a superhero that can fight any kind of fire.
  5. Gentle on Nature: We made sure our foam doesn’t hurt aquatic life or the environment. It’s easy for nature to break down, and it won’t stick around for long, so you can feel good about using it.
Why You Should Choose United Fire and Safety

We’re not your typical fire safety company. We’re all about keeping you safe and looking out for our planet. Our newest product, USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF, is like a superhero for fire safety and the environment.

When you pick USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF, you’re not just getting excellent fire protection – you’re also being a hero for Mother Earth. We really care about protecting people and our planet, and this foam shows it.

USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF isn’t just regular foam; it’s a symbol of our commitment to making the world safer and greener. With its eco-friendly powers, ability to fight fires with alcohol, and no harmful synthetic stuff, it’s the smart choice for anyone who wants the best fire protection without hurting the environment.

So, when you need firefighting solutions, go with United Fire and Safety. We’ll work together to make the world safer and greener for future generations. Get in touch today to discover how USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF can make your fire safety efforts truly amazing!


USAFE GREEN AR-SFFF is intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel etc. at a proportioning rate on polar fuels such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, esters etc. at a with fresh water and salt water. It is applicable with low and medium expansion discharge devices for covering and extinguishing fires of Class A and Class B. USAFE GREEN AR-SFFF is suitable for use in special appliances like storage tanks, process areas, warehouses, loading areas, docs and other local risks involving a spilled fuel fire. It is a multipurpose foam and therefore it gives maximum protection against hazards in the fuel storage area Irrespective of the type of the fuel.

USAFE GREEN AR-SFFF can easily be proportioned using conventional equipments.

  • Fixed and Portable In-line Inductors
  • Balanced Pressure and In-line balanced pressure proportioning systems.
  • Bladder tank proportioners.
  • Around the pump inductor.
  • Hand line nozzles with fixed induction/pick-up tubes.

USAFE GREEN AR-SFFF is compatible with soft, hard, brackish or salt water. It can be used in Combination with Dry powder extinguishing agents either separately or as twin agent systems.

USAFE GREEN AR-SFFF shall not be mixed with other manufacturers foam concentrate except for use in emergency situations.

PRODUCTAR – SFFF 1 x 3AR – SFFF 3 x 3AR – SFFF 3 x 6
USE CONCENTRATION1% – 3%3%3% – 6%
SPECIFIC GRAVITY1.05±0.051.05±0.051.02±0.02
pH @ 20oC7.5±0.57.5±0.57.5±0.5
VISCOSITY @ 20oC1750±500 CST1750±500 CST1500±500 CST

USAFE GREEN AR-SFFF may be stored in its shipping container without change in its original physical or chemical characteristics. Shelf life is expected to be 10 years or more when stored at recommended temperatures and in original containers. It does not show signicant sedimentation or precipitation in storage or after temperature cycling. Freezing and thawing have no effect on performance and the concentrate proportions satisfactorily in ordinary equipment at emperatures above 1.7ºC. Synthetic foam concentrates should only be stored in stainless steel (Type 304L or 316), reinforced breglass polyester with a vinyl ester resin internal layer coating or plastic containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

USAFE Green F3 – AR SFFF is a special kind of firefighting foam created by United Fire and Safety.
It’s eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain harmful substances that can harm the environment.
It’s great at handling alcohol-based fires, like those found in factories or chemical plants.
It works super fast, covering fires quickly to prevent them from reigniting.
It’s a symbol of our commitment to safety and the environment, with eco-friendly qualities and the ability to fight alcohol-based fires effectively.
Yes, it’s versatile and can be used in different settings to tackle various types of fires.
Absolutely! It’s an eco-friendly solution that promotes a greener planet.
You can contact us through our website or our customer service to discover more about our products and services.

Yes, it can enhance your fire safety efforts and help protect the environment at the same time.