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CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Hey there, welcome to United Fire and Safety! We’re here to talk about something super important: CO2 Fire Extinguishers. These little heroes are a big deal when it comes to keeping you, your stuff, and your loved ones safe from fires. So, let’s break it down in simple words.

What’s a CO2 Fire Extinguisher?

Imagine you’re working on your laptop, and suddenly, something in the laptop catches fire. Yikes! A CO2 Fire Extinguisher is like a magical spray can that you can use to put out that fire. It’s not like water; it’s like a gentle breeze that takes away the fire’s food (oxygen) and cools it down. That way, you can stop the fire before it becomes a big problem.

Why Are They Cool?
  1. They Work for Many Fires: These fire extinguishers are like superheroes because they can handle different types of fires. Whether it’s a fire caused by liquids or electricity, they’re up for the challenge.
  2. Super Fast: CO2 Fire Extinguishers are speedy. When you use them, they don’t waste any time, so the fire can’t spread and cause more trouble.
  3. No Mess Left Behind: After using them, you won’t have a big mess to clean up. That’s a win because cleaning up after a fire is no fun.
  4. Safe Around Electronics: In today’s world, we have lots of electronics. The great thing about CO2 is that it won’t harm them. You can save your gadgets while putting out the fire.
  5. Eco-Friendly: These fire extinguishers are nice to our planet. They don’t harm the ozone layer, so they’re environmentally friendly.
How to Use Them

Using CO2 Fire Extinguishers is pretty simple, but it’s crucial to know what to do:

  • Put Them in the Right Place: Make sure they’re easy to reach and everyone knows where they are. This way, you can grab them quickly in an emergency.
  • Learn How They Work: Take a bit of time to learn how to use them. It’s not complicated, but you need to know what to do in a fire situation.
  • Check Them Regularly: Just like you check the batteries in your smoke detectors, it’s a good idea to check your CO2 Fire Extinguishers. Are they expired? If so, it’s time to replace or recharge them.
Why United Fire and Safety?

Now, you might wonder why you should choose us. Well, here’s the scoop:

  1. We Know Our Stuff: We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we really know our stuff. You can trust us to give you the right tools to stay safe.
  2. Top-Quality Products: We only offer the best CO2 Fire Extinguishers that meet all the rules and safety standards.
  3. Custom Solutions: We get it; everyone’s needs are different. We’re not about one-size-fits-all. We’ll figure out what works for you.
  4. We’ll Install and Maintain: It’s not just about selling you stuff. We can install your fire extinguishers and keep them in top shape with regular check-ups.
  5. We’re Here for You 24/7: Fires don’t wait for regular business hours. We’re here round the clock to help you out in case of an emergency.
  6. Fair Prices: Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer competitive prices, so you get the best deal without compromising on safety.

Safety is something you should never compromise on, and CO2 Fire Extinguishers are your trusted companions. When the heat’s on, these extinguishers cool things down. United Fire and Safety has your back, and we’re here to make sure you’re protected from the unexpected.

Don’t wait for trouble to strike; reach out to us today. Your safety is our top priority!

Fire Rating4A:144B3A
Propellant GasNitrogen (UHP grade)Nitrogen (UHP grade)
Discharge Time (Average)31 Sec31 Sec
Throw Length (Average)6 m6 m
Working Pressure/Test Pressure15/35 bar15/35 bar
Operating Temperature+5 °C to +60 °C+5 °C to +60 °C
Gross Weight (Approx )12.5 kg12.5 kg
Empty Weight (Approx )4.2 kg4.2 kg
Height (Approx.)570 mm570 mm
Diameter (Approx.)175 mm175 mm
Mounting BracketWall mounting bracket Mild Steel duly powder coatedWall mounting bracket Mild Steel duly powder coated
ColourPO red Shade 538 of IS:5PO red Shade 538 of IS:5
ApprovalsIS-15683 :2018IS-15683 :2018

Cartridge Pressure Type

Mobile Type Fire Extinguisher

Frequently Asked Questions

CO2 Fire Extinguishers are versatile and can effectively combat two common types of fires: Class B fires (involving flammable liquids like oil or gasoline) and Class C fires (caused by electrical equipment). These extinguishers are like all-in-one solutions, making them ideal for a wide range of fire-related situations.
Absolutely! One of the fantastic things about CO2 extinguishers is that they are safe to use around electronics. They don’t conduct electricity and won’t damage your gadgets when you use them. This makes them a perfect choice for offices, labs, and homes with plenty of electronic equipment that needs protection from fire.