Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

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This Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression system comes with highly proven advance technology offers most appropriate and reliable solution to suppress fires in commercial and industrial kitchens.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System protects commercial kitchen against cooking oil (grease) fires, which have a very high auto ignition temperature (>350 C).This pre-engineered system has many advantages including:

  • System available for both standalone & multi-zone kitchens

  • Automatic and manual activation

  • Simple to install and maintain

  • Specially engineered high quality valves and SS cylinder with superior wet chemical extinguishing agent

  • Panel for controlling multiple zones

  • Thermal sensors for heat detection with continuous online monitoring to ensure assured protection

  • Highest quality of SS-316 (stainless steel) used for discharge pipe work – vital in potentially corrosive environments with dual compression ferrule fittings

  • Integration with BMS and FA systems

Available in two variants

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