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Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF) Concentrate

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF foams (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) provide efficient vapor suppression and extinguishment of liquid class B fires containing hydrocarbons and polar solvents. AR-AFFF foams are required when fuels are water-miscible, such as alcohols, acetone… Polar solvents and alcohol are able to destroy the foam blanket generated by standard class B hydrocarbon fires foams. AR-AFFF foams are often required in high-risks facilities in the oil & gas and chemical industries such as refineries, ships, tank farms and pharmaceutical plants.

AR-AFFF foams are suitable for quick extinguishment of large-scale class B fires. AR-AFFF agents contain a polymer that forms a protective film between the burning surface and the foam blanket, blocking the oxygen which supplies the fuel in fire. By forming a polymer layer, it seals the fuel surface and prevents the release of fuel vapors. AR-AFFF film prevents foam breakdown by alcohols in the burning liquids. The water contained in the foam solution provides a cooling effect for faster fire suppression. USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF foams had a good burn back resistance.

USAFE GREEN high performance synthetic AR-AFFF foams can be applied in direct or indirect application with a wide range of firefighting equipment. They can be used in high, medium and low expansion on the burning spill.  USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF foams are tested and approved by international standards appropriate to your industry, application and risk (EN1568, UL, NFPA, LASTFIRE, IMO…).

Considering the growing concerns about fluoro-surfactants, USAFE GREEN uses C6 surfactants (short-chain) recognized as safer, and minimizing the impact on health and environment, than PFOS and PFOA. The use of PFOS and PFOA is restricted all over the world due to their persistence in the environment, bio-accumulative characteristics and containing toxic substances.

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF is specially formulated non-toxic, viscous foam liquid concentrate, for use in hydrocarbon as well as polar solvent res. The foam concentrate contains special type of uorochemical surfactant, hydrocarbon surfactant, solvent, stabilizer, biocide and polysaccharides. It produces aqueous lm on hydrocarbon fuel to prevent the fuels vapors come in contact with air and forms a cohesive and regenerative polymeric barrier oats over the alcohol preventing the foam bubble for mixing with polar solvents. USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF C6 does not contains any PFOS or PFOA or derivatives. ARAFFF is also known as ARC (Alcohol Resistant Concentrate), ATC (Alcohol Type Concentrate), AGFFF (Aqueous Gel Film Forming Foam), MPF (Multipurpose Foam) or UF (Universal Foam).

C6 Fluorosurfactants

These are the most effective agents currently available to tackle serious flammable liquid res, providing fire fighter safety and asset protection. USAFE foams containing C6 surfactants utilise the very latest in fire fighting foam technologies, developed and refined specifically to lower the environmental impact without reducing performance.

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF is intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel etc. at a proportioning rate on polar fuels such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, esters etc. at a with fresh water and salt water. It is applicable with low and medium expansion discharge devices for covering and extinguishing fires of Class A and Class B. USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF is suitable for use in special appliances like storage tanks, process areas, warehouses, loading areas, docs and other local risks involving a spilled fuel fire. It is a multipurpose foam and therefore it gives maximum protection against hazards in the fuel storage area Irrespective of the type of the fuel.

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF can easily be proportioned using conventional equipments

  • Fixed and Portable In-line Inductors
  • Balanced Pressure and In-line balanced pressure proportioning systems.
  • Bladder tank proportioners.
  • Around the pump inductor.
  • Hand line nozzles with fixed induction/pick-up tubes.

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF is compatible with soft, hard, brackish or salt water. It can be used in Combination with Dry powder extinguishing agents either separately or as twin agent systems.

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF shall not be mixed with other manufacturers foam concentrate except for use in emergency situations.

PRODUCT AR – AFFF 1 x 3 AR – AFFF 3 x 3 AR – AFFF 3 x 6
USE CONCENTRATION 1% – 3% 3% 3% – 6%
SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.05±0.05 1.05±0.05 1.02±0.02
pH @ 20oC 7.5±0.5 7.5±0.5 7.5±0.5
VISCOSITY @ 20oC 1750±500 CST 1750±500 CST 1500±500 CST
POUR POINT -1oC -1oC -1oC

USAFE GREEN AR-AFFF may be stored in its shipping container without change in its original physical or chemical characteristics. Shelf life is expected to be 10 years or more when stored at recommended temperatures and in original containers. It does not show signicant sedimentation or precipitation in storage or after temperature cycling. Freezing and thawing have no effect on performance and the concentrate proportions satisfactorily in ordinary equipment at  emperatures above 1.7ºC. Synthetic foam concentrates should only be stored in stainless steel (Type 304L or 316), reinforced breglass polyester with a vinyl ester resin internal layer coating or plastic containers.