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BC Dry Chemical Powder (Sodium Bi-Carbonate)

BC powder is a sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical containing chemical additives, and is produced by an exclusive chemical process. The resultant agent is free-flowing, water repellent, nonabrasive, and when used as a fire suppressing agent, will produce no toxic effects. BC Dry Chemical is bluish-white in color to differentiate it from other dry chemical agents. Post-fire cleanup of BC agent can be readily accomplished using a vacuum cleaner or a broom and dust pan.

BC powders extinguish flammable liquid fires by interfering with the chemical reactions which are taking place in the combustion zone. These chemical reactions produce “free radicals” which attach themselves to the surface of the powder particles introduced into the flame, thus the flame ceases to exist and the fire is extinguished. The grinding of the base material to obtain a suitable surface area and particle size distribution is critical to the reaction of the particle surface.

BC Dry Chemical agent may be used to combat fires in flammable liquids, gases, and greases (Class B) including such fires when involved with energized electrical equipment (Class C). Specific applications include the protection of refinery applications and textile industry machinery. It is not appropriate for extinguishing metal fires. It may be used in both, hand portable and wheeled extinguishers, vehicles and fixed systems. As propellant, compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide may be used.

SBC is formulated for not being affected by long term storage; it may last up to five years without loosing its typical characteristics. However, the powder’s integrity depends on the prevalent storage conditions.

It is highly recommended to store in temperature < 5o C dry places (< 75% relative humidity), avoid sudden weather conditions changes, do not stack the pallets, handle the packages with care and maintain the product in its original, tight sealed packaging until use.

C6 Fluorosurfactants

Never mix ABC Dry Chemical agent with bicarbonate based dry chemicals. A chemical reaction that is harmful to the extinguisher will take place

Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Colour White
Sodium bicarbonate content, Min 90%
Apparent Density gm/ml 0.85 to 1.10
Particle Size Distribution
0.425 mm
0.150 mm
0.075 mm
0.045 mm
<0.045 mm
Moisture Content, Max 0.25%
Water Repellency, Min 98.5%
Fluidity, gm/sec, Min 50

Standard packing are in 5 kgs./10 kgs./25 kgs./50 kgs. (net wt) hermetically sealed polyethylene bags. For safe transportation these bags may be packed in mild Steel Drums / High Density Polythene Drums of suitable sizes if required by Customer.